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730 Saint Louis St New Orleans, LA 70130 - just off Bourbon St.



New Orleans French Quarter

New Orleans is home to some of the unique cocktails found anywhere. French 75, Sazerac, Mint Julep and the Creole Bloody Mary are among the most famous. And St. Louis Market offers a large selection of liquor and spirits in various bottle sizes to make these cocktails and many more.

Some of our selections include (but are not limited to):

Whiskey – Crown Royal, Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam
Rum – Bacardi, Malibu, Captain Morgan, Rum Chata
Vodka – Skyy, Absolut, New Amsterdam, Smirnoff
Tequila – Tito’s, Hornito’s, 1800, Jose Cuervo
Misc – Grand Marnier, Kahula, Bombay Sapphire

If you want to make your own cocktails in your hotel room or while walking down Bourbon St., come by and see our selection. We have the best and most convenient store in the French Quarter.

Full Bar, Wine & Daiquiris - St Louis Market - Located just off Bourbon St in the French Quarter - New Orleans

Liquor Gallery

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